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Ready to Sew

Posted by on February 15, 2013

Auction quilt for Emily's school

Auction quilt for Emily’s school

I finally have a working sewing area again! YAY! After Maryssa was born, we boxed up all my fabric and sewing paraphernalia (wow, that was a job!) and moved everything out into the loft area so we could use the 3rd bedroom as a nursery.

Now, when I say we moved everything out, I mean we moved out most of the sewing room stuff except the furniture, and moved the IKEA Expedit bookcase, drafting table and anything too heavy/don’t have a place for it anywhere else, into the middle of the room so we could paint. But since I had some shelves up on the wall that needed to come down, we can’t paint til we repair all the drywall damage from the toggle bolts and shelf hardware.

Maryssa has been sleeping in a mini-crib in our bedroom for the last 8 months, which was great in the beginning when she was waking up multiple times a night, but now that she’s sleeping through the night and we’re getting tired of tiptoeing around the room getting ready for bed at night – it’s time to get her room done!

But back to the sewing room — Emily’s school does a fundraiser auction every Spring, and earlier in the school year I’d mentioned we should do a quilt for the class project. I volunteered to quilt it if they decided to go that route. I never heard anything more about it, but right before the Christmas break one of the moms told me the quilt top was complete and could she get it to me over the break so I could quilt it. As the loft area was wall to wall bins of fabric and books, I had to make this a useable area – and FAST!

There was a lot of sorting and throwing away of things I don’t need anymore, as well as stashing several bins in a nearby closet to create some working room, but finally there was a clear table area and the sewing machine was set up and the quilt was quilted. It turned out pretty good, but due to the nature of the project, it was a little finicky. I didn’t think it was my best work, but it was done and that’s all that mattered.

I love how after I deliver a quilt, especially one I’m not entirely satisfied with, the receiver will always rave about how beautiful it is. I always have to fight myself not to point out the places where the corners didn’t match or the quilting wiggled in the wrong way or the stitch that skipped or was longer than it’s companions. My perfectionism rears its ugly head and makes me want to show the person all my little mistakes.

The best part of having a useable area (even if it’s not completely organized and lovely yet) is that I can finally sit down and play with fabrics again. I can also restart working on my projects that have been put away for so long. Since it’s still pretty cluttered with bins I need to sort through, I ended up setting up the ironing board back in Maryssa’s room, in about the same place I had it set up before, and I’m looking at all these drywall anchor holes and thinking how that’s the only thing that’s keeping us from setting up her room and moving her into it. (Oh yeah, and the A/C ductwork that needs to be replaced so the room will get luxuries like heat and air, but Geoff’s planning on tackling that soon, so the rest is up to me).

Now that I’m realizing Maryssa inherited my restless sleep cycle, with the shifting and mumbling around every time there’s the slightest noise or light change, I’m thinking we really need to concentrate on getting her into her own room. I’ll sleep a lot better and I bet she will too. And I’ll be less likely to stub my toes on the laundry basket and have to stifle my pain so I don’t wake her up. That’ll be nice.

One Response to Ready to Sew

  1. Untemplater

    That’s great you have your own dedicated area again. I used to do a lot of needle work growing up and I had stuff everywhere! Keep up the great work.